Actions Speak Louder Than Words At The Golden Lion, Newcastle-Under-Lyme


Chelsea Smith, team leader at the Golden Lion in Newcastle-Under-Lyme went the extra mile to make her customers feel engaged after realising a group in the pub was deaf.


Chelsea, whose grandparents were both deaf, used her sign language skills to chat with the customers and was even able to teach her co-workers a few things to say, such as ‘thank you’ and ‘we’re all friends here.’


Her efforts to include the group snowballed and other customers in the pub began to engage with the group, bringing them drinks and having a conversation with them so they wouldn’t feel excluded from the evening’s entertainment, Karaoke.


“I didn’t realise that Chelsea spoke fluent sign language!” said manager of the Golden Lion, Daniel Wilson, adding, “I couldn’t be more proud of her and the rest of the staff and our customers for making sure that everyone was included in the night’s activities.”


Chelsea said: “I grew up using sign language to communicate with my grandparents, so I have a lot empathy for the deaf community and I felt really pleased that I was able to help.”


Deaflinks Staffordshire, a charity offering services to the deaf and hard-of-hearing in and around Staffordshire, loved the story so much they posted on their Facebook page that it was “an example of how a pub should be, engaging with deaf customers and the regulars joining in to encourage inclusivity.”


The Golden Lion is planning to host a charity event for Deaflinks in September.


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