A bar manager from a pub in Newport is calling out for assistance to help him become a space traveller.

Yes, you read that right! Christopher Hollingshead, deputy manager at Newport’s favourite high street pub, Yates’s has entered a competition run by Lynx Space Academy to send a handful of very lucky travellers into space.

Over 40,000 people have entered the competition globally, with the top 200 from the UK progressing to the National Challenge stage. Here they compete against other potential astronauts in a series of physical and mental challenges with the top four selected to go to Global Space Camp in Orlando, Florida.

Once at Global Space Camp participants will be put through their paces in three training missions before the select few are chosen. Winners take part in a 103km trip into space with space tourism company, Spaceexc.

Christopher is currently positioned in 124th place and desperately needs your vote before the closing deadline of midnight on Easter Sunday, 31st March 2013.

To vote for Christopher click on https://www.lynxapollo.com/en_GB/75767/chris-hollingshead

Explaining his reason for entering the competition Christopher said, “It’s every boy’s dream of becoming an astronaut when they grow up and I was no different as a child, so when I saw the advert for the competition I couldn’t resist entering.”

“Lots of friends, family and Yates’s customers have been brilliant voting for me and I’ve now rocketed up to 124th place but as the entry deadline of this Sunday nears I know people will be frantically voting so I need all the help I can get,” he added.