The team at the Plough on Dogs Head Street in Ipswich have raised almost £500 in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital after two male members of staff had their legs waxed in front of customers.

Lee Jarvis and Dale Bond agreed to have their legs waxed by beauty therapists from the Blowdry Bar and Garra Fish Lounge which is situated across the road from the pub.

Amy Percy and Maxine Wooster set up their treatment beds, hot wax and wax strips in the pub and literally began tearing strips of the boys who took it all in their stride.

“It was a little bit painful to start with”, said Lee Jarvis. “I think it was the anticipation of it all. The most painful areas were my ankles and the tops of my legs which were really tingling afterwards. This may sound strange, but when I touch my legs they don’t feel like my own, so I’m looking forward to when the hair grows back!”

The charity drive from the pub is part of wider activity by the Stonegate Pub Company, the company that owns and operates the Plough. The company’s South East Division of pubs and bars has pledged to raise £35,000 in one month to supply the hospital a Newborn Bloodspot Screener, a piece of equipment that screens newborn babies for serious but rare genetic conditions such as congenital sickle cell disorders and cystic fibrosis.

“There was a little bit of wincing from the boys,” said Michelle Bird, licensee of the Plough. “But they did us proud! I think that because the waxing drew in a bit of crowd the guys thought they couldn’t complain too much! The customers were marvellous, dropping in any loose change from drinks or food they bought and the boys managed to get people to sponsor them as well.

“We wanted to do something different to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital and that would give our customers a laugh so we want to thank the girls from the salon who gave up their time to take part in the fundraising as well as everyone who contributed. It was for a great cause and we hope that it helps the company reach their overall target.”

More pictures of the event can be found here.