Christmas in your local pubs is NOT cancelled

Stop the sleigh! Wrap the presents back up! Keep out the sixpence! Christmas in pubs is on!

With headlines that the Grinch might have influenced some high street pub menus this Christma, the UK’s largest privately owned pub company has stood up and reassured customers that the traditional turkey dinner is definitely going NOWHERE in their pubs this Christmas!

With the smell of mulled wine round the corner to boost the traditional tastes and smells of the Christmas we all love, and British pubs soaring in popularity, Stonegate Pub Company have pushed aside the issue of cost and agreed to deliver what customers want – a traditional Christmas fayre (boosted of course with a few modern twists).

Turkey, stuffing, seasonal vegetables, pigs in blankets and roast potatoes will remain available for the sixth year in the history of the company, at more than 330 pubs, with two and three course options too.

Across Scotland, England and Wales from Aberdeen to York and Cornwall, the traditional turkey dinner reigns!

Derek Avington, head of marketing for traditional pubs at Stonegate Pub Company, said: “Christmas is a time when friends and family come together – and what’s a better place to do that than down the local pub? Thankfully, we recognise the importance of the festive season and embrace its traditions. Hence, 332 of our pubs will be offering a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.”

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Georgia Marchant

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