Over 94,000 training modules have been taken since Stonegate Pub Company launched Albert’s Theory of Progression to their 10,000 employees in April this year. Now the company has created, in conjunction with CPL Training, a bespoke online intranet system that houses a wealth of training and company information along with all employees’ development.

The system is called Elsa, named after Albert Einstein’s second wife, and compliments the suite of training and development programmes named after the theoretical physicist. These include Albert’s Accolade, Albert’s Award, Albert’s Aspirations and the new Albert’s Training Academy.

Elsa mirrors the business functions within a bar with eight key pub ‘rooms’ each holding a wealth of vital information. The ‘rooms’ include: The ‘Cellar’ which stores product information, a guide to equipment and maintenance programmes. The ‘Kitchen’ has everything you need to know regarding menu implementation, audit reports as well as emergency contacts. ‘The Team Room’, offers information for staff on NVQs and Apprenticeships, as well as compliance training and the Albert’s induction for all new staff, while the ‘Entertainment Zone’ provides staff and managers with information on local DJs, sports fixtures and quizzes.

The company’s new on-line appraisal system is also held on Elsa. Managers are notified when an appraisal is due and the system has built-in reminders to ensure no key dates are missed making the process more streamlined and efficient. The on-line documents can be manipulated into a variety of bespoke reports.

Lee Woolley, Head of Learning and Development at Stonegate said: “Elsa will quite simply change the way we communicate in Stonegate. It enables us to communicate directly with every single employee or with whichever selected audience we wish; segment, brand, division, or role. It enables suppliers to show their products and run targeted incentives. It helps our employees with their personal development and helps our general managers with sales and labour forecasting. But best of all is the forums where retail teams can communicate directly with the Board through suggestions and questions. It also aids general managers in sharing equipment, ideas and even team members!

“I think it is without doubt the most aesthetically pleasing, most interactive and most fun company intranet I have ever seen – and we’ve only just started!”

“Elsa enables us to be proactive rather than reactive to our employees’ needs, concerns and requests. The Stonegate Online Appraisal tool is truly twenty-first century Human Resources while the intranet is a fun-to-use one-stop shop for staff to obtain the information they need to develop themselves and their businesses.”

David Dasher, managing director of CPL Online, said: “We love working with such an innovative client. Together we have developed a completely unique ‘living’ system that provides a truly interactive platform for the entire Stonegate Pub Company business, from head office to directors and managers to team members.”