At just 65 calories per 100ml, and 75% less sugar than its regular variant, the exclusive launch ofGancia Leggero, meaning ‘light’ Prosecco across London pubswill leave customers who are keeping an eye on their waistline rejoicing this summer.

Crafted from Glera Grapes and with an ABV of 11.5%, the roll out of the Italian sparkling wine has been developed using the established‘Martinotti ’method developed in Asti in 1895, and still used today in both the Asti & Prosecco regions. The result, a distinctive light and fruity sparkling wine packed with pear and apple flavours, yet as close as it gets to ‘clean’ drinking.

“We’re tapping into growing consumer trends,” said General Manager of the Vineyard in Islington Martin Huntley. “Low calorie and low sugar are right up there so with Gancia Leggero at just 6g of sugar per litre compared to Prosecco typically between 12 and 15g of sugar per litre, this lighter Prosecco really is every girl’s dream come true!”

Whilst Skinny Prosecco has had limited availability in high-end stores such as Selfridges since last year, this is the first time wide stock availability of a light Prosecco in mainstream pubs, for the on trend consumer.

Known as the father of sparkling wine, Carlo Gancia was the first to produce Italian sparkling wine in Canelli, Italy in 1865 and has now validated its pioneering spirit with the creation of this, their first ‘low sugar’ offering.

Each 100ml serve contains as little as 65 calories and only 0.6 grams of sugar, almost 75% less sugar than regular Gancia Prosecco Dry variant. The average bottle of champagne typically contains between 12 and 32g of sugar per litre and prosecco between 12 and 15g per litre. The Gancia Leggero Prosecco has just 6g of sugar per litre.

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