ISLINGTON GOT A £600,000 BOOST TO UPPER STREET THIS WEEK (15th February) as the legendary Famous Cock expanded its wings rocking a new look whilst adding a basement 1920’s themed Jam & Rye bar to its repertoire.


Having ecstatic legend Ray Parlour at the launch as local heroes Arsenal walked off the freezing Ostersund pitch to victory, instilled every confidence that the underground hip addition would do nothing to change the core sporting traditions of the shortened ‘FC’ upstairs (the bestower of the Famous Cock name a definite genius)!


Whilst the Famous Cock has a ‘with it’ style - seven high-tech screens, a range of craft and cask beer to befit any city slicker, and sourdough pizzas and tapas the centre of a sophisticated pub menu, it has shrewdly preserved its traditional features. As high-class city pubs go, this has it all.


Basement bar, Jam & Rye, a namesake for its opulent 1920’s themed jazz bar and refined spirits, is a catch for the one of London’s trendiest, most eclectic neighbourhoods. A posh-meets-creative vibe, the sounds of local jazz musicians paired with table-served exquisite cocktails, is a likely destination for the area’s celebs to escape from 5pm every day, and all day on what’s down to be some memorable Sundays.


“It’s an exciting venture that’s big enough to have created thirteen new jobs,” said manager Carl Hufton. “The previously closed underground bar of years ago has come into our fold only this year and whilst we’ve protected its music legacy, it’s a contemporary bar that meets the needs of a vibrant Islington.


“That’s only half of the story though. Islington is socially alive all times of the day and we’ve invested as much in an upbeat Famous Cock, alive with neons, industrialised finishes, extended love of sport, craft beers, gin botanicals and of course urban style food.” 


Sourdough pizzas, tempting tapas sharers and an enviable line up of desserts make the edgy menu inclusive for the veggie, trendsetter, and crav-able burger lover. The Japanese Wagyu Beef Burger ticks all the foodgasm boxes with oozing molten cheese sauce, wrapped for extra juice and succulence whilst the Sundae Pint of ice-cream, brownie, Churros, flake, marshmallows, caramel and raspberry coulis is just a sample of some amazing treats.


Other weeklong reasons to visit the Famous Cock include; Wing Wednesday with 10 wings for £3; 241 pizza Thursday; and a relaxed Sunday with roast dinner and quiz night. Jam & Rye has a feast of relaxed piano and saxophone performances weekdays to four-piece live weekend jazz bands, comedy nights and 241 cocktail Mondays.



16th February 2018


For more information please contact:

Lucy Macfarlane

t:   020 8605 3544
m: 0771 309 8243