The Farmers Arms Hotel, on Larkhill Lane in Liverpool, has officially congratulated its longest standing member of staff, Liz Powell. Liz has worked within the pub industry for 40 years and employers Stonegate Pub Company, are raising a glass as she clocks 26yrs at the Farmers Arms Hotel.

Stonegate senior management and the manager of the Farmers, Anne Houghton, thanked Liz for her dedication with a celebratory dinner for her family and friends – many of whom she knows from her time working at the pub. 

Liz began her career in the industry working in a small, nearby pub, called the Sir Walter Rally, where she also lived with her daughter, then aged four. After 14 years, a spot opened up for Liz at the Farmers Arms Hotel, where she has been ever since. 

At 66, Liz is now looking forward to traveling the world and spending more time with her daughter and grandchildren. “Obviously I feel like it’s time to put my feet up a little bit more,” said Liz, “but I’m still enjoying every day I’m behind the bar at the pub. It’s been a wonderful place to spend my working life. 

“Everything has changed quite dramatically over the last four decades! It doesn’t seem like it when you’re living it and change happens gradually, but I remember a time when you told the manager how many hours you’d worked, and they’d grab some cash out of the till.” 

Manager, Anne Houghton, says: “Liz has been an invaluable member of not only the team here at the pub, but the community. I can’t thank her enough for choosing to spend her professional years with us. We’ll certainly keep her as long as we can, but I can also understand if now’s the time for a long holiday!”