The Slug and Lettuce in Chichester will be hosting a fundraising event for Macmillan Cancer on Tuesday 4th December from 8pm.

Working with Creations, a local hairdressers and beauty salon, the team at Slug and Lettuce will be encouraging their customers to part with their pounds and ‘donate a mate’ to be waxed. Eyebrows; arms; chest or legs, the choice is theirs. All customers have to do is drop in a donation into the collection box and the ladies from Creations will do their bidding or, in this case, their waxing.

“The more tender the area, the more money will be donated. At least that is what we are hoping.” said Mel Harris, general manager of the Slug and Lettuce. “We’re expecting a bidding frenzy as friends nominate each other to get waxed. We’ll also be asking for donations on the door as well placing collection vessels around the pub to encourage people to drop in any loose change.

“We’re raising money for Macmillan Cancer because it is the chosen charity of one of our team members who is currently fighting cancer. We are going to do all we can to raise a significant amount of money and would like to call on the support of our customers to help achieve this.”

The team at the Slug and Lettuce will be also dressing in green- the colour of Macmillan Cancer-as well as donating any tips they receive on the day to the fund.