Lancaster might be left bruised and battered from storm Desmond this week but the community spirit of those who live and work in the City has shined through in the last 24 hours.

One pub affected by the devastation is Lancaster’s Crafty Scholar, on Church Street which was refurbished to the tune of £200k six months ago. Like so many businesses has suffered from no power but with its fridges full of food ready to cook for Christmas parties general manager Adam Hulme took the decision to cook and serve it for free for those in need.

Adam drove to Blackburn, picking up gas cylinders and cooking facilities, torches and candles. Within hours a temporary soup kitchen was up and running; with Adam and his team serving homemade soup, roast turkey sandwiches and tea, coffee and hot chocolate. The sign outside the Crafty Scholar, welcoming in customers to eat and drink for free, led to queues of over a 100.

“We are one of the lucky ones as we have not suffered from flood damage, but many haven’t fared so well. We had fridges packed with food when the storm hit and we didn’t want it to go to waste when so many people were homeless or without power. It’s at times like this community life is so important and we are just pleased we have been able to help by using temporary gas stoves to provide people with free food and hot drinks. We have been helping out too by warming babies bottles; in fact any way we can to make the situation easier for those around us”, said Adam.

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