Screaming out for…..Mandarin. That’s the latest addition to the menu across the 43 Scream bars situated in major university towns across the country.

“We wanted to ensure we catered for the explosion in Chinese students drawn to study in the UK”, said George Wright from the Stonegate Pub Company who own and operate Scream. “So, along with being able to select their favourite dish in their mother tongue, they can practice their translation skills at the same time!”

Cries of “nǐ chīfàn le ma” (have you eaten yet?) and Kuàng yīpǐn tuō “” (mine’s a pint) can be accompanied by a fully translated menu into Mandarin – a language that ranks as the world’s most widely spoken. “We haven’t gone so far as to train all our staff in Mandarin; we have found the age old tradition of pointing the finger to the item still works!”, said George.