The craze for cupcakes and all manner of confectionary delights shows no sign of stopping, which is why the team at Stonegate Pub Company has launched a limited edition mini menu of sweet shot treats, based on cupcakes and doughnuts in their 12 Missoula bars.

Seven new drinks grace the Missoula’s drinks menu which will be available until November. Served with chocolate sprinkles; sugar strands; rainbow sprinkles or whipped cream, depending on the choice of drink, these sweet treats look set to be a firm favourite amongst Missoula’s guests.

The range includes a Birthday Cupcake, which contains vanilla and caramel vodka, complete with rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream and a candle; a Praline Doughnut with almond liqueur, caramel vodka topped with chocolate sprinkles and, for those who like tradition with a twist, a Jam Doughnut with a sugar topped rim.

Rachael Khan from Missoula said: “The new cupcake and doughnut range introduces a few new fun drinks to our menu and gives our customers something a little different to try and taste. There is such a demand for cupcakes and doughnuts so we wanted find a way to cater for that trend. Of course, the new big thing is a cronut – a croissant doughnut hybrid, so it will be a real test of our drink making skills if we come up with a shot based on that particular patisserie!”