Joining the rapid progress of Inverness, Church Street’s Lauders bar reopened last Thursday 23rd March after a major £100,000 investment, with its Scottish roots enriched and a claim that it could be Inverness’ oldest bar.

“People of Inverness are proud of our heritage,” said manager Peter Carroll. “As we were planning the works, we wanted to understand our own history so started researching. However, the council licensing archives for the only go back to 1852”.

“What we did find though was a map with the premises on dating back to 1774, and as there have been so few owners, we believe that it has been a bar for that long which would make it the oldest pub in Inverness. It is also well known as the only bar in Inverness with a revolving door.”

Regardless of outcome, Lauders are staying traditional, preserving the authentic Highlands pub, with its Scottish style décor alongside modern sports viewing facilities. Saturday 25th March saw special guest Kevin Fraser playing a wide genre of music before the new sound and lighting were tested out at Saturday’s big night out.

Encouraging locals and the many travellers who use the city as ‘base camp’ to also enjoy the city’s delights, sports, live music and a hugely welcoming atmosphere will be on offer.

Heineken and San Miguel are joining the drinks range as well as a wider range of vodka and gin such as Ciroc, Edinburgh Gin, Bathtub gin and Tanqueray gin. The Whisky range is also expanding with classics like Gentleman Jack and Monkey Shoulder lining the shelves.

A stone’s throw from the River Ness, friendly staff look forward to hosting their claim to the city’s best sports viewing facilities which include five HD TVs, two projectors, Sky and BT Sports, with sports table service during big events.

Always a reason to visit, there will be sports viewing for most games across boxing, football, rugby and NFL. Monday traditional pub games; Thursday quiz night with great prizes; Friday and Saturday party night with DJ; and Sunday free juke box the perfect backdrop to social Sundays. They also host live music gigs throughout the year showcasing local talent.