The award-winning Stonegate Pub Company is bringing a new late night bar called Popworld to Birmingham.

Opening from 7pm on Friday 3rd May with a guest appearance from SClub where Jo O’Meara and Bradley McIntosh will be performing the band’s greatest hits, the site on Broad Street, formerly Flares, is currently undergoing an investment of over £260,000. As a result of the focus on customer service that Popworld will be introducing, fourteen new jobs have been created at the bar.

Candy coloured interiors, an unbeatable state-of-the-art sound and lighting system, an awe-inspiring range of cocktails and a wide selection of the best party hits designed to get customers up on the dance floor are just some of the key elements that make Popworld a great late night bar.

Trading over three floors, including a VIP area on the top floor, Popworld will offer customers the opportunity to pre-book a selection of seventeen new booths that have been introduced throughout the bar. The booths, which are going to be the height of comfort and luxury, are perfect for large groups wanting to celebrate a great night out. Customers will be able to relax in comfortable, stylish surroundings and enjoy the evening, knowing that they’ll be looked after and served drinks by the fantastic team at Popworld. To book, customers can either contact Popworld directly or email them to make a booking at [email protected]

Speaking about the opening of Popworld, general manager, Mark Pinches said: “The vision of Popworld is that it is a late night bar that celebrates and wholly embraces pop music, whatever the decade. It’s all about music that gets you singing and up on the dance floor and at the same time creating a happy, friendly environment where customers can have a memorable night.”

“We’ve got a great cocktail menu which has a number of sharing cocktails known as Partinis, for which Popworld is famous for and include the signature Popalicious, which is served in a Top Hat and is a delicious blend of Bacardi and strawberry liqueur mixed with fresh lime juice and lemonade. Freshly made to order, not only do they taste great, they look good too with elaborate garnishes which provide a real element of theatre. We’ll also be offering our customers a great range of iconic single bottles to share with friends.”

One of the other drinks to grace the Popworld menu is the Lager-rita which is special to Mark for a number of reasons. Always on the look-out to offer his customers something that will make the bar stand out, Mark was recently on holiday in Las Vegas when he spotted a drink that he thought would be a great hit in the late night bars of the Stonegate Pub Company.

Mark explains, “I was in Las Vegas when I saw a drink whereby two bottles of beer were essentially clipped into a large martini glass which people were sharing. The glass was filled with lime, tequila and the beer. As you took a sip, the beer would slowly flow into the glass. I thought it would be great for our bars, especially as so many people order our sharing drinks. I spoke with the team responsible for sourcing new drinks at Stonegate and they were able to get all of the equipment in order to create the drink and so the Lager-rita was born.

“We’ll be serving ours with Corona so it will be interesting to see what our customers think of the drink. That’s one of the great things with working for a company such as Stonegate, not only do they understand how important it is to stand out from the rest of the crowd and support innovation, they listen and take on feedback from their employees, meaning that everyone can contribute to the success of the business.”