Passionate about championing all of our guilty pleasures from the 90s up, Popworld has earnt legendary status nationwide for providing memorable nights out filled with fun, laughter and the best pop tunes in town. Now, a month after a ‘confession wall’ was installed at Popworld Derby, the popular bar and nightclub can reveal the kind of guilt partygoers would like to keep secret!

The nightclub’s ‘confession wall’ was installed over the Festive to provide those holding onto a secret from the last year, or those who fell at the first hurdle and broke their New Years’ resolution during the first couple of weeks in January with somewhere to confess their sins and remain completely guilt-free – as the confessions are only visible when UV lighting is pointed in the wall’s direction, concealing the beholder’s identity from all.

A grand reveal of the anonymous revelations took place over the weekend (28th January 2017), where customers’ secrets were aired for all to see. With admissions of guilt about making bad decisions, confessions of love, and pledges to do everything from learning to cook to making drastic hairstyle change, it seems that thepartygoers hung out their dirty washing this Christmas and were able to start 2017 with a completely clean slate! That said, the identity of those these exposés belong to remains unknown, so only time will tell if they ‘come out’ and reveal themselves.

Jamie Rosenfeld, Marking Manager at Popworld, said: “Popworld has always been a place where people come to let their hair down and have a good time, so this wall was installed so people could let go of their troubles and do that, without having their secrets stuck at the back of their minds. Now that these confessions are out in the open – some of them very cheeky indeed – it’s up to the individuals themselves to reveal themselves and come clean!”


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