Event Notification: Place Your ‘Bets’ to Raise Funds for Cancer Research

Where: Sacks of Potatoes, 10 Gosta Green, Birmingham, B4 7ER

When: Saturday, 9th March from 1-4pm


Down the stretch they come! The Sacks of Potatoes pub in Birmingham is hosting a charity race event in support of Cancer Research on Saturday 9th of March.


Customers can support the charity while enjoying an afternoon ‘at the races’ as the pub screens old horse races and invites customers to try and pick a winner for a chance to win a cash prize. Each ‘bet’ will cost £2.50 with 50p going to charity and the remainder split between all those who selected the winning horse. If no-one picks the winner, a portion of the pot will go to charity and the rest will be carried over to the next race. There will also be collection tins available for people who want to donate to Cancer Research without taking part in the races.


The race event is hosted in honour of a former colleague and friend, David Mustin, who sadly passed away to cancer two years ago. David worked at the pub for 25 years and is fondly remembered by locals and staff. The pub now hosts the charity night annually on his birthday to remember him while raising funds for a good cause.


Holding Manager of the Sacks of Potatoes, Vicki Phillips, says: “Hosting a horse race night is as enjoyable for us as it is the customers. It’s simple to do and helps us support a very worthwhile charity in memory of a dear friend and colleague who is greatly missed. We hope people will come join us for a night of good fun and fundraising for a good cause.”