Who’d have thought a local pub could have such an important piece of 500 year-old rock in its grounds that its intrigued even a Stonehenge historian?!

The Great Stone pub in Northfield Village has been the centre of such attention for the past few months with samples and analysis on its 500 year-old namesake and on Saturday 8th October at midday, it will finally get the plaque its been waiting for, formally declaring its authentic origins.

It has now been established that the Stone is a glacial erratic boulder formed in a volcanic eruption some 450-460 million years ago. Travelling from Wales 400,000 years ago to the heart of Northfield village, it was moved from the main road to the pub’s ‘pound’, (a home for stray animals in the medieval period), and so the pub and the neighbouring road were named ‘Great Stone,’ creating the local treasure.

General Manager Janet Ward said, “The Great Stone attracts lots of attention and visitors and is a cherished part of the pub. We always get asked the history of it and so the plaque will be a great way to educate people.”

Historian Dr Rob Ixer, who studied Stonehenge, was the man tasked by the English Heritage Society to discover the stone’s origins. Rob will personally unveil the plaque, endorsed by Birmingham civic society, before providing a brief explanation of it’s history and importance.

Councillors, including District Heritage Officer Andrew Cartwright; funders of the project the Black County geological society; and any locals who would like to be there will join Dr Ixer.

Event organiser Roland Kedge is from the area and heavily involved in the findings of the historic revelation. “The Great Stone is the first boulder of its kind to be recognised in over one hundred years. It has a strong connection within Northfield so we want to make sure our community keeps the knowledge of it and its significance alive.”

Further analysis of the stone will continue, to explore its links with other unnamed boulders that have appeared throughout Great Britain.

Great Stone Inn, 158 Church Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 2LU

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