An omen of foreboding or a sign of things to come?

Two pubs within a mile of Stamford Bridge have pulled off a preview of the Premier League Trophy on Sunday 30thApril, coinciding with a critical match day in the contest for the premier league crown.

As Chelsea play Everton at Goodison Park, The Goose on North End Road will be parading the trophy from 3pm for two hours, as the result that could see Chelsea stretch their lead to seven points, or have them hanging on by the skin of their teeth, comes in.

Meanwhile, as the trophy moves further up the road to Britain’s best sporting pub* The Famous Three Kings, second place Tottenham Hotspur will be running their socks off to Arsenal in the hope of catching the front runners before the trophy is brought out for fans at 7pm.

Manager of the Famous Three Kings Paul Eastwood said, “It’s a great opportunity for Chelsea fans to rub a bit of good luck on the trophy they hope to be lifting in the coming weeks – although we are a football friendly pub for all teams so I’m sure there’ll be lots of photograph taking for prosperity from other clubs fans!”

Fans can turn up and have their photograph taken with the cup, Chelsea fan or otherwise, casting their own wishful spell on the silverware which will be awarded to one of the top clubs on or before 21stMay 2017.

*as awarded at the Great British Pub Awards September 2016.

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Georgia Marchant

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