Inspired by the vibrant colours, fruity flavours and approaching Football World Cup in Brazil, Reflex and Flares are introducing the exclusive ‘Shake It! It’s Summer!’ cocktail menu.

Nimrata Nandhe, marketing manager at the award winning Stonegate Pub Company, which owns and operates Flares and Reflex, said: “The perfect partner for the coming Brazilian festival-like summer months is the ‘Shake It! It’s Summer!’ cocktail menu. The deliciously fruity cocktails can be enjoyed by the glass, sharing stein or partini’s from mid May.”

The South American inspired rum based Brazilian Bull blends Havana and Malibu with fruit flavours and Red Bull, finished with fresh orange slices. Melon flavoured liqueur, Midori and crisp Smirnoff fuses the funkin’ fruity Samba Shaker cocktail on ice.
The classically sweet Piña Colada mixes Havana and Malibu rum with pineapple, garnished with fresh pineapple leaves to complete the creamy beverage. The red-hot Latin Woo Woo offers a refreshing combination of Peach Archers, Smirnoff and Cranberry, enhanced with orange. For a delightfully refreshing hit of mint the Mojito offers a tipple of Havana within fresh mint leaves.