Jen Killeen and her team at the Slug and Lettuce on Poole’s High Street will be holding a Super Heroes theme day on Saturday 23rd February to raise money for Help for Heroes.

Starting at midday, the activity will be launched in rather slimy style as Slug and Lettuce team member, Dean Marshall, has gallantly volunteered to sit in a paddling pool of gunge for ten hours, which will be situated in the bar.

Another team member, Dan Solen, has also agreed to raise funds in a strange way by submerging his head in a bucket of freshly made cold fish batter, which has been donated by local chippy, Ken McKenzie who runs Always Fryday and Half Way Fish Bar. Ken has agreed to donate £100 into the fundraising pot if Dan goes ahead with the challenge.

“We’re calling on all Supermen, Wonder Women and Iron Men to come and visit us on Saturday 23rd February to help us raise funds for a worthy cause, “said Jen Killeen, general manager of Slug and Lettuce. “The best-dressed gets a bottle of bubbly and a guaranteed great night out, especially as DJ Marky Mark will be playing some fantastic music from 9pm-1am. The team will also be dressing up as super heroes and have already started to plan what they’ll be wearing, so we’d like to encourage our customers to do the same and make it a night to remember.

“The Super Heroes activity is just one day in a month of fundraising activity for Help for Heroes. Last year we raised £300 and we hope to beat that target by raising £500 throughout February.

“Dean always loves doing something crazy for charity in order to raise money. Last year, he sat in a tub of baked beans for the whole day. Unfortunately, the beans really started to smell after a short while, so this year we planned something a little less fragrant!

“We’ll be asking customers to drop in a few pounds to encourage Dean to last the full ten hours. We’ll also have collection buckets dotted around the bar so people can drop in any loose change after their round or to empty their pockets of those coins that weigh down your pocket, wallet or purse! Our customers are always really generous whenever we host fundraising events so we hope that this month will be just the same.”

Each of the seventy-one Slug and Lettuce bars up and down the country will be hosting its own fundraising event or challenge for Help for Heroes over the course of the next few weeks. “Our bars are fantastic supporters of charity and for many of them, they have a special local cause close to their hearts”, said Nicola Stuart, Slug and Lettuce’s Brand Development Manager, “But every year, for one month, all the bars come together and choose a single charity to fundraise for. For the second year in a row our mangers have chosen Help for Heroes. Last year we raised just over £21,000 and hope that this year we can beat that target.”