Colin Hawkins, an area manager for the Stonegate Pub Company, is one of the first people in the country to graduate and achieve a distinction in an industry-first qualification – a Masters Degree (MSc) in Multi-Site Hospitality Leadership.

The course, which was designed and delivered by the Academy of Multi-Unit Leadership based in Birmingham City University Business School, is designed to increase the professional practise and performance of area managers in service based multi-site organisations. The course took two years to complete and encompassed 16 days of campus training combined with long-distance learning.

Professor Chris Edger from the Academy of Multi-Unit Leadership said: “Congratulations to Colin who achieved one of the highest marks of this inaugural qualification, designed specifically for area managers. He was one of the top-rated students on our course and is to be highly congratulated on his achievements.

“We’ve taken some very bright people and, through the course, helped them to develop their thinking capability in order to make a positive impact on their business as well as their own performance. Since Colin and his cohorts embarked on this tailor-made programme, over 400 people have begun to pass through the various elements of the course which include finance, marketing and business processes.”

Tim Painter, HR Director at Stonegate Pub Company said: “We are delighted that Colin has graduated with a Masters in Multi Site Hospitality Leadership. The course not only contributes towards the personal development and growth of those taking part, but also delivers real business benefit to site managers too. At Stonegate, the development of our people is of the utmost importance and we are delighted to celebrate the success of Colin’s achievement which highlights the wealth of talent within our organisation.”

Colin Hawkins, Area Manager for Stonegate Pub Company said: “For me, gaining a Masters degree in Multi Site Hospitality Leadership is the ultimate qualification for the job that I do, particularly as it was the first of its kind in the UK. The course has given me a broader and deeper understanding of finance, marketing, business processes and leadership in a multi-site role. This has enabled me to lead the general managers in my area to even greater profitability and success as well as making a positive impact on the efficiency of the businesses that I look after.”