Stonegate Pub Company has introduced an Advanced Cellar Management course for its employees. The award winning pub company, together with its ale partner Greene King, have developed the advanced training course specifically for Stonegate general managers, in what is an industry first.

Thirty managers from the largest cask ale businesses within Stonegate Pub Company have completed the course to date, becoming Beer Ambassadors across the business, with further workshops planned. In addition, approximately 700 Stonegate Pub Company employees, will also complete their ABCQ qualification over the next few months.

The one and a half day course, conducted by Greene King’s Head Brewer John Bexon and Laboratory Manager, Susan Chisholm, involves practical and theory elements. During the first day participants look closely into the brewing process, discuss in detail the differentiation of beers, tour the brewery, brew their own beer and take part in a tutored tasting session. Analysis of the market and its trends; of product news, the ale consumer, the beer brands and ranges and how to deliver outstanding beer events, completes day two.

Commenting on the course Lee Woolley, Stonegate’s Head of Learning said, “As an industry there has been talk about introducing an advanced cellar management course for some time, so we are delighted that at Stonegate we are the first to deliver this for our employees. It demonstrates that we are serious about cask ale and about training our managers so that they may lead from the front in creating quality cask ale experiences in their pubs for customers. We are particularly pleased to have delivered this in collaboration with our ale partner Greene King whose beers and brewing processes are outstanding.”

John Bexon, Greene King Head Brewer added: “We are delighted to be working with Stonegate on this cellar management course initiative. Excellent cellar management is essential to ensure consistent beer quality and it is great to share our knowledge with the Stonegate team.”