Rosies nightclub in Chester, which is owned by the Stonegate Pub Company, has teamed up with Cheshire police to launch a new phone safety campaign aimed at reducing the number of lost or stolen mobile phones reported to police in the city.

As one of Cheshire’s busiest venues, Rosies was chosen to host the launch which took place last week (Thursday 28th June).

The “Bunjee Project” involves young people attaching a ‘Bunjee’ type, easy-to-use cord to their mobile phone which is then clipped onto the pocket or handbag. Having your phone physically attached to your person reduces the chance of losing your phone or having it stolen, whilst still allowing full and accessible use of your mobile.

Constable Graham Ramsay said “During the launch, students were able to buy the bunjee for £2, and were reminded to keep their phone safe throughout the evening via bluetooth messages, flash screens and messages from the DJ. Cheshire Police have worked alongside Chester Student’s Union, Rosies nightclub and The Public Safety Charitable trust who have all provided a great deal of support sponsoring and promoting the launch, and we hope it’ll be a great success and help reduce the number of lost and stolen phones reported to police”

Dave Cooper, general manager of Rosies night club said: “As a responsible operator and one of Cheshire’s busiest venues, ensuring that our customer’s property and valued possessions are safe is a priority. Throughout the launch evening, our customers were reminded about phone safety and we’ll be raising awareness over the coming months about how our customers can keep their phones safe. By selling the phone ‘Bunjee’s’ at Rosies, our aim is to greatly reduce the number of lost or stolen phones. “

The idea is for the project to become self sustaining, with the Bunjee being sold in the club and the campus on a regular basis.

Inspector Ian Thorp said “Lost or stolen mobile phones account for a significant part of the crime reported in the city centre and it is hoped that by raising awareness of the issue and offering means of protecting your personal belongings, we will help to greatly reduce these figures and fewer people will become a victim of crime”