Stonegate Pub Company has teamed up with Technik2 Energy Solutions to reduce the amount of energy used in its pub cellars. Following a successful trial of Technik2’s Cellar Manager and Smart Python Timers systems, the company has now rolled the system out to 550 sites across the Stonegate estate. 

The Cellar Manager saves up to 30% of the main cellar cooler energy, based on the principle that the beer in kegs increases in temperature at a much slower rate than the surrounding cellar air temperature. The system monitors the internal and external temperatures and controls the main cellar cooler by switching it on and off as required, automatically reducing the energy used in the cellar in and out of working hours.

The Smart Python Timers work in tandem with the Cellar Manager, switching off remote coolers when they are not being used. These timers can be individually programmed to suit specific opening hours, shutting down the coolers during the night, generating a further 25% energy reduction.

Stonegate’s Head of Commercial, Dan Castle said: “We have seen such a positive result from the trials of the Technik2 equipment. It is hugely important to us that our pubs operate as sustainably and responsibly as they can. These systems allow us to have more control over our energy usage as well as ensuring product quality for our customers is maintained. It is great to see that the Cellar Manager and the Smart Python Timers have reduced energy use in our cellars, and I am looking forward to seeing the results of the further roll out.” 

Simon Treanor from Technik2 Energy Solutions, said: “The trial in Stonegate has been a huge success and the roll out results are generating the savings predicted by the trials. Our system reaps so many benefits for the licensed trade, both from a financial point of view as pubs are able to save on energy bills, but also in terms of their environmental impact. There is a huge impact on Stonegate’s carbon footprint, with the equivalent of over 19,000 trees being saved over a year as a result of these cellar cooling efficiencies.  As a result of the Stonegate installations, Technik2 is well on track to deliver carbon footprint improvements across the UK pub industry, saving the equivalent of over one million trees by 2025.”