Sunday only really means one thing…sunday roast at the local with family and friends.

Following reports that Britain’s biggest high street pub chain is removing this traditional meal from its menus, Stonegate Pub Company is taking a stand in a mission to save the country’s most beloved dish, which by no coincidence was named the most iconic thing about Britain in a survey released earlier this year.

Beef, chicken or pork belly served with hearty, wholesome vegetables, fluffy Yorkshire puddings and home made gravy; ask any Brit and they’ll be able to name which pub serves the best roast in their area.

“We couldn’t imagine removing the roast from our Sunday lunch; it deserves top spot and is essential on any pub menu. It’s not just about the dish itself – food is the essence of culture and the Sunday roast is a vital part of the UK’s heritage, as much as pasta is to the Italians, Cheese to the French and Tapas to the Spanish.

“Sitting down and sharing a roastandhellip;it’s part of our social culture. Yes, it’s important to offer options but to simply remove a national treasure from the pub menu? That’s crazy. It’s as if I told our customers, we’ve decided to take beer off our drinks menu – it just wouldn’t happen.”

If you support the traditional Sunday dinner, along with the 1.3 million Brits who enjoy a roast, then support Stonegate Pub Company in their campaign to save the traditional Sunday lunch.


16th March 2016

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