18th September 2018




Two hundred Stonegate Pub Company managers plan to put a smile on the face of many children this Christmas having donated 200 gifts to the Toy Project, a charity that supports families and less advantaged children around the country.


This follows the £320,000 the group raised for UK charities as part of their career development programme, where each candidate organises and manage a fundraising event in their pub for a charity of their choosing.


Stonegate’s Success Coach, Jon Perkins said, “The tremendous effort made by each Stonegate Accelerator Manger makes a real difference to many local and national charities across the country. The events they stage capture the essence of the needs within their communities and through great management, a huge helping of enthusiasm and lots of fun, they create memorable worthwhile events that benefit the community.”


The two-hundred gifts were brought from all corners of the country to Stonegate’s Salsa Bar, Temple where Toy Project founder Jane Garfield and Trustee John Nicholson were on hand to receive the heap of heartfelt gifts.


“We would like to thank the Stonegate team so much for their generosity. These presents will make a hugely positive impact on hundreds of families this Christmas. Many fathers are not in a position to give their children a gift, particularly those who are in prison. These gifts will help to ensure that these children will have a gift from Dad this Christmas,” said Jane.


Stonegate’s commitment to supporting the local community is core to their values. Recently they received the PubAid Corporate Charity Fundraiser award presented at the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group Annual Dinner for their work in raising more than £1.5 million for charities across the country each year.


For more information on The Toy Project: http://thetoyproject.co.uk/




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