The team at the Ram in Cliviger, which is owned by national pub operator, the Stonegate Pub Company, have launched a new food promotion inspired by the American reality TV programme, Man v. Food. The promotion is being called Ram v. Food.

For those not familiar with the show, the presenter travels across America looking for dishes that are unique to a particular town or city. The dishes are usually large in portion, hot or spicy, or a combination of all three, and the presenter has to eat them as part of his challenge.

The Ram is inviting their customers to take up one of their two challenges. The first is ‘One Man and his Platter’ – the combo consists of four southern fried chicken fillets; a portion of potato wedges, onion rings and garlic bread; tortilla chips; a half portion of scampi; a small salad and a selection of sauces.

The second challenge is the ‘Lava Burger’ which is made with two burger patties; bacon; cheese; three onion rings; a portion of chips; a side salad and of course, the Ram’s special, secret lava sauce.

Warren Smith, licensee of the Ram said: “Ram vs Food is simple. Those customers taking up the challenge simply need to eat either dish within a set timeframe; 12 minutes for One Man and his Platter and six minutes for the Lava Burger. If they can handle the hotness of the Lava Burger or chomp down on the One Man and his Platter in the allotted time then they get the meal on the house. If they fail they have to pay £8.95 for the burger and £10.25 for the combo.

“Initial trials have been received really well with a number of people being able to eat and enjoy the dishes. We thought it would be a bit of fun and are really pleased with how customers have embraced it. Usually its groups of people that take up the challenge and they get lots of support and help from other people in the pub. We’re even thinking of a Wall of Fame for those who succeed!”

Ram vs Food is available from 11am until 10pm every day.