The Slug and Lettuce is set to keep fans excited watching the World Cup, with a new menu addition. Six-football team Hot Dogs take inspiration from home and away flavours and will be on the menu line up from the kick off of the first group match on 12th June until the final on 13th July.

“Customers can feast their eyes on the game with a World Cup Hot Dog firmly in one hand a cold beer in the other; the on-trend handheld food is ideal for the World Cup season,“ said, Simon Blunt, food development manager at Slug and Lettuce.

Support the hosting team with the hot Brazilian inspired Salsa Dog, which layers tomato and chilli salsa, chopped coriander and is garnished with a wedge of lime. Or get behind the English boys with the Bull Dog, which offers a traditional flavour of grated cheese and red onion.

The Italian Dog Father, combines the authentic tastes of tomato Marinara sauce with thick slices of mozzarella and rocket pesto. The New Yorkie pairs the Hot Dog with pulled pork, spicy tobaso sauce, French yellow mustard and BBQ sauce. The Down-Under Dog turns up the heat with a touch of Sweet Chilli Sauce and chunky king prawns. The Deutsch Hound, German inspired dog offers a fresh yellow Mustard coating with a large juicy gherkin.

“The Hot Dogs add an authentic touch and a lot of fun. We are encouraging customers to pick their favourite Hot Dog – Will your favourite Hot Dog make it all the way to the final or will they get the red card?”

The great range of Hot Dogs can be enjoyed with the wider range of beers and soft drinks available from Budweiser, Becks, and Peroni to Coke.